Welcome to Dr. Henning Hermes’ personal website!*

I am an Assistant Professor at FAIR Center of Excellence at the NHH Bergen/Norway.

A behavioural economist by background, my research focuses on the Economics of Education, skill formation, and child and youth development. I also have projects in the areas of early childhood education as well as digital learning. Most of my research is conducted using field experimental methodology, but I also ran lab-in-the-field and lab experimental studies.

I studied Economics and Psychology at the University of Mainz, where I also pursued my PhD (supervised by Daniel Schunk and Ernst Fehr). I am happy about your interest in my work and hope to provide an overview here on this website.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me or take a look at my CV.

* I recently got married and changed my name from Henning Mueller to Henning Hermes. Curriculum Vitae

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Working Papers

Do Children Cooperate Conditionally? Adapting the Strategy Method for First-Graders

(joint work with Florian Hett, Mario Mechtel, Felix Schmidt, Daniel Schunk and Valentin Wagner)

Self-Regulation Training and Job Search Effort: A Natural Field Experiment within an Active Labor Market Program

(joint work with Eva Berger, Günther König, Felix Schmidt, and Daniel Schunk)

Ongoing Projects

Information Kid

Effects of Information Provision and Application Assistance on Enrollment in Childcare and Life Outcomes (joint work with Philipp Lergetporer, Frauke Peter & Simon Wiederhold; funded by the Jacobs Foundation)

Cooperation and Peer Effects

Enhancing Cooperation and Investigating Peer Effects on Human Capital Formation — a Randomized-controlled Field Study with Primary School Children (joint work with Florian Hett, Mario Mechtel, Felix Schmidt & Daniel Schunk; funded by the German National Science Foundation)


Does Working Memory Training at Primary School Improve Self-Control Skills and School Performance? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment (joint work with Eva Berger, Ernst Fehr, Daniel Schunk & Kirsten Winkel; partially funded by the Jacobs Foundation)


The Effects of Performance Transparency in E-Learning Applications — Field Study in Primary Schools (joint work with Martin Huschens, Franz Rothlauf & Daniel Schunk; funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

Strategic Interaction and Empathy Skills

an Experimental Beauty-Contest Game with Children.

Don’t trust anybody’s judgment, except for… whose, actually?

Judgment Accuracy and Expectation Effects in Educational Contexts (joint work with Tanja G. Baudson, Aleksandra Kaurin & Kirsten Winkel)

Dr. Henning Mueller


Articles, Blogs, Interviews

“Media literacy is a tool, not a subject in the educational canon”

Interview on the BOLD blog about digital learning and future developments in the educational system

Large-scale project on e-learning started in Mainz [German]

Press release on the official start of the MATHE-KIDS study in Mainz/Germany.

New opportunities for individualized support for primary school children [German]

Report on the KIDS-WIN project conducted in primary schools in Mainz/Germany.

Launch of the KIDS-WIN study [German]

Press release on the launch of the KIDS-WIN study in Mainz/Germany.

“How does e-learning software change the classroom experience?”

Blog article on e-learning software and its impact in the classroom.

Dr. Henning Mueller

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